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Transport company saves $400K a year thanks to improved compliance with SAP Concur Expense

Transport company used to deal with 3,800 expense claims a month, using an on-premise solution that was 10 years old. The expenses process was far from ideal as employees had to be located in a company office to access the system; claims did not provide sufficient detail and only 10 per cent of them were audited. The company had no detailed visibility of the overall spend and did not know if it complied with company policy. Reimbursement times were long because approvals took approximately 20 days and audits were conducted after payment, so any errors had to be subsequently corrected through the payroll.

Increased efficiency, decreased cost audit and approval times have been reduced from 20 days to just nine days. The company has also introduced a monthly expense payment procedure which has reduced the number of individual claims processed within the month – from 3,800 down to no more than 2,000 claims. Despite having introduced a new control step, reimbursement times have been cut by over 50 per cent.

The equivalent workload of two full time employees has been saved by automating processes, they have been redeployed on analysing data, conducting further audits and understanding how the policy can be improved with extra checks. Most importantly, using SAP Concur Expense to impose greater control of expense compliance has saved the company $400K over the past year.

“We might have claims described as dinner, but we did not know exactly what was being claimed. For all we knew, it could have been bottles of champagne. It was a nightmare.”

PMO and Business Improvement Lead, Transport Infrastructure Company






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