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Now, more than ever, business leaders must find ways to successfully navigate market challenges,
whilst fostering a workforce that can adapt quickly to change.

Each episode will explore timely business topics and provide valuable insights
from industry experts to help you through the current business climate.

Practical insight webinars from a wide range of industry experts

Hybrid work is the future: How can employers make it a reality?

  • How employees want to work in future and what they need to be productive
  • How to sustain remote working in a semi-remote model over the coming months
  • How leading organisations are using COVID-19 as an opportunity

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Digital transformation and automation: how exactly can it aid business recovery?

  • Why consider automation in times of recovery?
  • The benefits it can bring to your organisation
  • Some key considerations to support change management

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How can SMBs Improve Business Resilience?

  • How to set out plans that will protect against future operating risks
  • Empower your employees to improve productivity
  • Use the latest technology to improve resilience within your business

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How Finance Can Support the Business on the Path to Recovery

  • How the finance team can help the business navigate through change
  • Why finance digital transformation is no longer a luxury
  • The importance of using the right technology to get visibility into cash flow and liquidity. 

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Finance Leaders Discuss: Cashflow, Cost Controls & Continuity

  • How finance leaders are overcoming challenges around Cash Flow, Cost Controls and Continuity
  • How automating manual processes can help

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How to Empower Employees remotely and Improve company performance

  • How businesses adopt technology to facilitate remote working
  • How you can best digitally transform your organization
  • How SAP Concur can help your business achieve this

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Additional resources to support your business

7 ways your finance processes can help future-proof your business

Download this checklist to be better positioned to respond, adapt, and survive in an uncertain business climate

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Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times

Download this whitepaper to learn how focusing on just two common areas of your business and can help you maintain a healthy bottom line.

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7 Best Practices for Weathering Unexpected Change

Download this list to learn how to help protect your business in storms, take advantage of sudden opportunities, and manage any change that comes your way.

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How automating your expense process
can help your business 

Could Your Current Expense Solution be a Future Expense?
Here’s How SAP Concur Solutions Can Help

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How truly automating your invoice process
can future-proof your business

Is Your Current AP Process Truly Automated?
Here’s How SAP Concur Solutions Can Help

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