Expense It: The Seamless Expense Claim

Expense Management Tool

Expenses have a reputation for being time consuming, but they don’t need to be. You could be using an automated expense solution that will do the hard work for you.

We have a solution that will reduce the pain of submitting your expense claims. Our Expense Management tool allows you to quickly and easily submit your expenses, giving you time to do what you’d rather be doing.

Do Your Expenses with Concur

Our Expense Management tool makes claiming back your expenses easier and quicker by:

  • Automatically integrating your travel booking details to pre-populate your claim
  • Incorporating spend limits, based on your expense policy
  • Enabling you to quickly and easily attach images or receipts to your expense claim
  • Enabling your manager to review and approve claims so you get reimbursed more quickly
  • Automatically paying your approved expense claims
  • Enabling you to submit your expenses via your mobile device.

Aberdeen Group found that automating expense reports decreases the cost of expense claim transactions by 75% or more¹ but they also found that automation reduces the time to process expenses by 35% and to create an expense claim by 24%².

Employee Expenses Benchmark Summary Report 2013

More Accurate Expenses through Automation

Did you enter the right number in the right box? Complicated spreadsheets can make it really difficult to enter the correct amount into the right area of your expense claim.

In comparison, we automatically populate much of the data as possible in to your claim, reducing the need for you to manually enter claim information. If you have booked travel through Concur or used a TripIt itinerary, your expense claim will be pre-populated with that information too.

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Did you pay with your credit card? Any spend on your corporate or personal credit card can be automatically uploaded, so when you do your expenses the only additional information you need to add is any out-of-pocket expenses.

Have You Attached Your Receipt/Invoice?

Expenses need evidence (even if you have dispensation), so being able to quickly and easily attach receipts to your claim is key to making expenses feel like less of a chore.

We offer several ways to attach receipts to your claim. You can take a picture of the receipt with your smartphone and attach the image to the claim line using our mobile app, or you can email the image to your Receipt Store and attach it the claim when you do your expenses later. Some suppliers now send their receipts to you as emails, like airport parking, for example. These can be emailed to your Receipt Store and then matched to the corresponding expense line item. Don’t have a smartphone? Scan your receipts and attach the scanned copies instead.

Meticulously Compliant Expenses

Do you need to know who is entertaining whom? Compliance is a big issue these days, and knowing who is being entertained is vital to staying on the right side of external regulations and of HMRC*.

We let you choose which types of line items you would like to capture attendee details for – for example entertainment costs or dinners - and apportion spend to guests, so you pay the right amount of tax at the end of the tax year. We also integrate your specific business rules, letting you set your own expense spend limits. We do this because this helps you ensure that your expense claims stay within policy.

HMRC Spot Checks Whitepaper

Automatic Expense Reimbursement

Who wants to wait to get expenses repaid? When you have paid for expenses out of your own pocket, getting the money back from your employers as quickly as possible is essential.

Our Expense Pay service tightly controls and manages payments so expenses can be paid back in days and corporate credit cards are paid automatically (no late fees). In fact, if you integrate your corporate credit card programme you could decrease reimbursement approval times by 44% and employee reimbursement times by 28%³ (just by having more complete, accurate data).

Automated Expense Reimbursement

This helps you get your money back quickly and encourages the use of your corporate card programme.

Expense Pay Brochure

A Global Solution

Travelled abroad recently? These days we often work with people from all parts of the world. Travelling abroad has become a necessary way of building relationships.

We automatically calculate the currency exchange rate and value-added taxes (VAT) on international trips so you don’t have to.

Do Expenses Wherever You Are

Are you sitting at your desk doing your expenses?* You could be doing your expenses long before you get back to the office.

We let you submit your expenses wherever you are, at whatever time of day or night, via your smartphone. You can also attach digital images of your out-of-pocket expenses to your expense claim. You can add and update claims as well as import spend transactions from your corporate credit card, meaning not only can you get your expenses in with minimum fuss, but you can also use that spare time while travelling to submit your expenses.

On the Road Again: Managing the Road Warrior’s Expenses Whitepaper

1. Aberdeen Group (2011) “Expense Management for a New Decade”
2. Aberdeen Group (2009) “T&E Expense Management Automation: Reduce Costs, Improve Control”
3. Aberdeen Group (2010) “Corporate Card and Expense Management Integration”
*But you can still use your desktop at work, if you prefer.