Take It Global: Unmatched International Capabilities

Global Business Travel

International trade is the norm these days, and that entails regular travel to see customers or partners around the world. Our solutions support your international business needs, giving you a global travel booking and expense management solution that has multinational capabilities.

A Global Travel and Expense Solution from Concur

We have extensive experience and success in deploying* our travel and expense management solution worldwide.

Concur can support:

  • Your individual, international business travel
  • Your overseas offices, by providing a solution that can be used internationally

Our solution can:

*To date we have deployed our solutions in over 90 countries.

Integrate Your Country Specific Travel and Expense Policy

Travelling first-class? What may be acceptable in one country may be unacceptable in another, which is why you may have developed different travel and expense policies for each of the countries in which you operate.

Our solution lets you integrate your multiple policies so that all employees, regardless of the country, can see the policy limits that apply to them.

Incorporate Local Travel Allowances and Local Taxes

Per diem rates and local travel allowances vary from country to country, meaning that if you have offices in several countries it can be complex to manage the many different rates being used across the organisation.

Our solution takes the differences between international business and legal practices into account.

It modifies the per diem rates, travel allowances and currencies to fit the country in which the expense claim is submitted so you don't have to do it manually.

It also enables you to record and report value-added taxes (VAT) in a format that facilitates the reclaim of both local and international VAT.

Incorporate Local Currencies

Want to submit your expenses in Euros? Currencies are always fluctuating so making sure that you are using the right rate is vital when claiming expenses. We automatically update the exchange rates in Concur from official sources.

On secondment aboard? You may need to submit expenses in the currency in which you get paid, rather than the currency showing on the receipt. Using our solution you can select the right currency for your expenses.

Speaking Your Language

Bonjour or 你好 [nĭ hăo]? When you are operating across borders having a solution that can manage multiple languages is essential.

Concur supports expense claims in more than 16 different languages including: German, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Hungarian.