How A Telecommunications Company Has Streamlined its Travel Booking

As a rapidly growing business, telecommunications company Sabio was keen to maximise efficiency and streamline its corporate travel systems.


Different parts of the business were using different systems, which made getting a complete picture of travel spend difficult. The systems were often difficult to use without training too, which was a problem with so many new people joining the company.


Sabio wanted to find a single partner who could provide a travel management solution and an online system that would allow employees to book and manage their travel and expenses online.


After a competitive tender process, Sabio chose to partner with Corporate Traveller, a travel management company that works with over 1,400 companies across the UK. And as an SAP Concur TMC Elite Partner, Corporate Traveller would be able to provide the online element Sabio was keen to embrace as part of the package.


As a result of partner with the Corporate Traveller and using the SAP Concur platform, Sabio now has a travel and expense system that delivers a wealth of benefits.


Sabio Case Study

Read the complete case study Sabio Streamlines Its Travel Booking with Corporate Traveller and SAP Concur Solutions


An Easy-to-Use Travel and Expense System with Exceptional Adoption Rates

Emma Cowan, Management Accountant at Sabio, reports that SAP Concur solutions are much easier to use than the systems the company had in place before. “As soon as people used SAP Concur once, they were more than happy with it. I know people really like the Concur Mobile App because they can just take a photo of the receipts and it all just flows through.”


She adds: “The fact that the staff have found it so easy to use is definitely a big bonus for us because we don’t have to constantly train people.”


Overall, adoption rates of Concur Travel and Concur Expense currently sit at 93%, which is comfortably above industry averages.


Enhanced Visibility that Has Improved Cost Monitoring

The improved visibility and joined up nature of SAP Concur solutions is helping Sabio’s finance team control costs much more effectively. Emma particularly highlights the value of being able to tag travel and expense items with project codes so they can be billed directly to the client concerned.


She says: “The systems are giving us much better day-to-day visibility, which has helped us monitor our costs and what we bill to clients.”


A More Robust Duty of Care Provision

Duty of Care has improved too. Lea Duchemin, Account Manager at Corporate Traveller, says: “Like many growing companies, Sabio was increasingly aware of its duty of care. The bigger the company is the harder it is to keep track of where everyone is. With Corporate Traveller and the SAP Concur platform, this is taken care of.”


Proactive Help and Support When Required

Emma highlights the quality of the support she’s received.


“Lea and Tom at Corporate Traveller have always been very helpful. SAP Concur’s online support team have been really helpful too. it’s quick and simple to get feedback and support.”


Preferential Rates that are Delivering Cost Savings

As well as improving the travel and expense process for the finance team and employees across the business, Sabio has also achieved cost savings. At the last count, Corporate Traveller was saving the company 15% on its air spend.


A Business Seeing the Benefits of Online Booking and a TMC

Overall, Sabio is seeing considerable benefits from working with a travel management company and migrating to an online system. Emma concludes: “Everyone in the business is very pleased with the system.”

Sabio Case Study

Read the complete case study Sabio Streamlines Its Travel Booking with Corporate Traveller and SAP Concur Solutions

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