SAP Concur solutions Roll Out: Eight Steps to Success

Change is exciting, it’s essential for survival and it sets you apart from your competition. The ways in which SAP Concur solutions can transform your business are evident, but a good change management plan will ensure the benefits are felt as soon as possible.  Get everyone onboard quickly with our eight steps to a better roll-out.

Ready to Roll?

Before roll-out you need to communicate your vision to everyone who is going to be affected. Be completely clear on WHY you are implementing a SAP Concur solution. Once you’ve established the ‘why’, share it with end users and your leadership team, in a targeted fashion. People are more willing to pay attention and take action if the purpose of the roll-out is explained in specific terms that affect their specific role. Ask yourself: what’s in it for them?

This is Your Captain Speaking

People are also more likely to comply with new systems if they hear from the top that it’s good for the organisation. Having executive buy-in is one thing, but having executives communicating their support and the benefits of the change is even more valuable. Make sure executives are fully passionate about the change by delivering key reports related to efficiency and cost saving to spark their interest and get them talking.

Pilot Ready for Take Off

Everyone’s now on board and it’s time to identify a pilot group, potential early adopters or power users. Those employees who travel frequently and use a smartphone regularly are the best fit for this. The pilot group will become a useful resource for training new employers in the future, and as departmental contacts for ongoing user questions.

Faster Check In

You’re ready to add users now. The User Import feature saves you time, not only by adding all your employees into SAP Concur Expense in one go, but also in the case of bulk updates. For example, when a new manager joins, you can update the expense approver for everyone on the team quickly, in one go.

Tickets Please

Set up new employees as soon as they arrive. Training notes should specify the need to verify the spelling of their name, record emergency contact info, credit cards, frequent business traveller accounts and banking information.

Admins Aboard

You will get an Admin Knowledge Transfer Guide to smooth the onboarding process. This will capture all of the information you need to make a successful transfer – including things like TMCs, corporate cards, language support and country requirements.

Times of Turbulence

Within any roll-out, there will be hiccups, questions and ongoing support issues. These can be alleviated by holding virtual or in-person training sessions, but problems will still crop up. Have a backup contact to support end users and create an email alias strictly for internal support of user questions (e.g. concur@yourorganisation).

Across the Globe

Once you’ve established “what’s in it for them” for each market, create a global T&E framework with strong executive sponsorship to ensure standardisation and full visibility into spend. SAP Concur App Centre Partners  offer pre-built integrations that support global expansion – from Mexico tax regulations to UK VAT reclaim, immigration requirements and ERP solutions.

Change needn’t be scary. By implementing a few considered steps into your roll out of SAP Concur solutions you will have the best chance of reaching your business goals. What are you waiting for?

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