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Constantly improving business processes means finding new ways to improve efficiency and employee satisfaction... Spreadsheets can't be done on a mobile phone, and they don't give visibility. Here's a better way to fix expenses.


Imagine if your employees - deliberately, knowingly and happily - went out of their way to submit receipts, because it was actually easier for them... It's possible with ExpenseIt: a tool that makes it really, really easy to do expenses. 

POhWER selected Concur to replace an existing web-based system and ensure cost-reductions due to time-savings, auditability, compliance, ease of access and ease of use (especially thanks to the mobile app).
Concur has helped EvoBus (UK) Ltd to improve their systems, deliver value-added work and give them control and compliance. The result is that they have realised significant time-savings and have the confidence to pass an HMRC audit.
Phonak chose Concur because "it was a no-brainer". Now they can save employees time, because they can do their expenses while on the road. And they can report on spending much more easily.
YouGov Business Travel Research 2012

This video demonstrates the magic of what TripIt and TripIt Pro can do to help decrease the chaos and increase the peace in your travels.


Discover how Concur's mobile solution helps organizations and business travelers save time and drive costs out of corporate travel


Concur co-founder Michael Hilton discusses the importance of mobility for today's travel and expense management programs

TripIt Pro is like giving every employee their own personal travel assistant that keeps them on the go, in the know and connected at all times.