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The average supplier invoice ties up 15 people on its journey across your company. Without efficient processes in place, this has the potential to significantly slow your workforce down and prolong the overall payment process. Yet, AP automation is changing the way businesses manage their invoices. No longer the preserve of large companies with lots of employees and complex approval workflows, even small businesses can experience big benefits from automated solutions that offer zero upfront costs, a speedy installation and low ongoing usage fees. Take a look at the top challenges your business is likely to face without streamlined processes in place and see how companies of all sizes can step off the supplier invoice merry-go-round. 

In each report, the ICAEW give a review of a topic within finance and management, offering both analysis of the relevant theory and a review of the practical application of appropriate mana

It's never too late to re-think your expenses process to cut, control and avoid more costs. So what are the smart next steps. The answer lies hidden in plain sight: reconsider your company's approach to expenses.


This study frames up industry challenges that financial leaders face globally. The key focus areas of the study are; data insight/analytics, re-engineering T&E processes and mobile adoption. The key message in this report sets up the challenges that Concur Insight and T&E address.


Is your AP process as efficient as you would like? This guide shows you the truth behind the AP process and demonstrates how automation can reduce errors, save time and help you become a partner to your business.

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Learn how one Advisor has had "game-changing" results implementing Concur for both the firm and their clients.
2012 Concur T&E Spend Report - A Unique Look at Global Travel and Entertainment Expense Data. Available Exclusively from Concur.
Travel and Expense Spend Report Infographic.
2012 Concur T&E Spend Report - A Unique Look at Global Travel and Entertainment Expense Data. Available Exclusively from Concur.
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Understanding how you spend and reconcile your money is how you begin to: take control of your T&E expenses, ensure internal policy and external regulatory compliance, and set your strategy.  Discover how easy it is to reduce your risk as you’re no longer the slave to the administration process, but rather the master of the direction your company will take financially with the Concur Travel and Expense solution.


Hear from our customers on how choosing Concur has helped them to gain efficiency and productivity.


Hear from our customers on how Concur has helped them to gain both visibility and cost control of their T&E process.


Increase compliance and gain a 100 per cent receipt audit


With the Locate & Alert service, a company can confirm that their employees are safe.

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Metsäliitto Group, a multinational forestry and manufacturing organisation, regularly sends 1,500 of its employees across the globe and uses Concur to manage the process.
For AEGON, a global financial services company with UK headquarters in Edinburgh, a manual expense claim process had been standard protocol for as long as anyone could remember. UK employees equipped with a corporate card were tasked with filling out a long paper-based expense form and submitting it to the Finance department. But, in this fast-paced industry, handling expenses for 1,000 employees became a long and cumbersome process, with employees spending too much valuable time on expense claims. This led to an evaluation of automated expense systems and the implementation of Concur® Expense
Young’s turned to GlobalExpense (now from Concur) to help them simplify the process and deliver timely information to help them manage costs
POhWER selected Concur to replace an existing web-based system and ensure cost-reductions due to time-savings, auditability, compliance, ease of access and ease of use (especially thanks to the mobile app).
Major European investment bank capitalises on improved expense processing, using Concur
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By integrating policies with preferred air and hotel vendors, company gains control over exceptions and decreases policy violations


Concur helps popchips make light work of expenses


Concur client toasts the savings from expense automation


BAE Systems implements a solution that meets their global business requirements


Concur is user-friendly, offers huge cost savings, and gave our users control

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2012 Concur T&E Spend Report - A Unique Look at Global Travel and Entertainment Expense Data. Available Exclusively from Concur.
How do employee expenses stack up – the Concur Benchmark Report analyses key trends.
2012 - YouGov Expenses Exaggeration Info graphic
- A YouGov survey commissioned by Concur of over 1,000 UK business travellers

Businesses expect greater insight and efficiency from their finance team. But handling supplier invoices can be tricky without the right processes in place. We asked 500 UK finance professionals to share their perspective with us in a survey by Vanson Bourne. What would you wish for? 

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Configure Concur for complex and global requirements
Configure Concur for your unique requirements
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's Business Intelligence Solution
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's Service Administration solution
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's Invoice Management solution
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Your role is growing every day, which means you have less time to focus on finance tasks like managing employee expenses. At the same time, your employees are enjoying more purchasing power than ever before with a world of apps at their fingertips. So what can you do to maintain control over costs, cash flow and the bottom line? To learn how today's finance leaders are staying ahead, download Two Key Secrets of the Modern Finance Leader eBook. 

No one denies the efficiency, ease and consumer-like user experiences of cloud-based solutions. They’re great. But are they great for you? Your line-of-business leaders seem to think so. They’re pressuring you to move to a place where capital expenses become operational expenditures and your strained IT resources are no longer strained.
Expense management can be tricky—so choosing a vendor with the right level of expertise is key. This report from Analyst House Quocirca provides a handy checklist on what to consider when choosing a solution to automate expenses as well as what to look fo
A straightforward guide to expenses fraud: what it is, what it costs UK businesses, preventing it, and more.
Read this e-book for real-world examples, advice and independent research on expenses, VAT and HMRC compliance. And find out where your company could be leaving money on the table.