Concur Audit

Missing receipts, user error and bookings made outside of your policy are just a few things that can cause problems with your business travel and expense (T&E) claims. That's where Concur Audit Services come in. Our team can carefully review claims making it easier for you to monitor policy compliance, secure preferred supplier rates and reclaim tax. 

The many benefits of Concur Audit Services include:

Visibility - Discover accurate T&E spend data that helps you identify trends and make more informed financial decisions.

Control - Specify required fields for your claims and use our audit team as a second pair of eyes to check for errors.

Compliance - Share your T&E policy so we can identify non-compliant spend, request justification and keep HMRC happy.

You can read about the results of our audit of expense claims from businesses not using Concur in this document called “Take Control with Concur Audit Services.”