A Quick Look at Concur® TripLink and TripIt® Pro

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Travel is always changing. Here is some help to stay ahead.

The travel industry is always changing. New suppliers, new models, new programmes, and new perks are constantly popping up – to say nothing of new regulations, requirements, and risks for businesses and their corporate travel programs. 

The way travelllers budget and prioritise trips is constantly changing, too. Today, employee health and safety, flexibility, and travel sustainability drive decisions. And travellers are more likely to expect – and even demand – to see their priorities in your policies. 

The bottom line is: People aren’t getting from Point A to Point B the way they used to, and it’s up to companies to adjust.  

As travel continues to change for businesses and business travellers, capturing bookings across channels becomes more critical and traveller communication gets more challenging. But it’s still your job to keep costs in check and travellers informed. It’s still your goal to help them make the best decisions for their trips, for their safety, for the business, and for the bottom line. 

That’s where Concur TripLink – including TripIt Pro and SAP® Concur® travel partner integrations – come in, bringing visibility, flexibility, safety, and support to all your travellers, no matter how they book. 


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