Streamline Systems and Elevate Employee Experiences with SAP Concur Solutions

SAP Concur Helps You Deliver on Your Priorities and Empower Employees

With an SAP Concur solution in place you give employees a tool to be productive and compliant wherever they are, whether it’s on-the-road, at home or in the office.

But when you only automate travel or expense using SAP Concur solutions, there’s still a lot further you could go in supporting employees and boosting the employee experience.

This eBook reveals how rolling out Concur Travel, Concur Expense and Concur Invoice to connect travel and expense spend helps HR professionals create a streamlined working environment that enhances the employee experience.

  • You support remote and hybrid working with a single login that works everywhere.

  • You reduce errors and inaccurate claims, improving adoption and reducing workloads.

  • You make it easier to stay on top of changing restrictions.

  • You enhance duty of care with tools that help you support employees while they’re travelling and enhance safety and wellbeing. That helps you keep on top of changing restrictions

Ultimately, you provide a user-friendly experience that supports talent retention and shows you’re a forward-thinking company. 

Find out how in this eBook.