5 Tips for Safeguarding Your Spend in Times of Change

Turning Policy Shifts into Moments of Clarity

No matter how automated spend your management processes are, your business expenses can quickly get out of control when policies change or become outdated. According to Concur Detect by Oversight Customer data, the first quarter of 2021 saw an almost 45% rise in employee spend violations, compared to the last quarter in 2020.  

But it is possible to get ahead of noncompliance when you have the right mechanisms in place. By having consistent clarity and easy-to-follow processes, you can quickly respond to travel and expense policy changes in ways that safeguard your spending, help ensure employees are keeping up with new requirements, and help you reach your corporate sustainability goals. 

Download this tip sheet to see where you stand on managing policy changes and their impact on spend. Follow the tips provided to safeguard your business spend now and in the future.