6 Characteristics of the Agile Methodology With Shadé Zahrai

Agile Mindset with Shadé Zahrai handout thumbnail

An "Agile Mindset" refers to a set of attitudes and behaviours that support the Agile values and principles. Adopting an Agile mindset means more than just following the practices; its about embracing a particular way of thinking and approaching problems. 

Discover the 6 characteristics of the Agile methodology in this handout:

  1. Iterative and Incremental: Building step by step, refining with each cycle.
  2. Customer Focus: Listening to and prioritizing the user's needs above all.
  3. Teamwork: Together, every individual contributes to a collective success.
  4. Flexibility: Adapting swiftly to changes, no matter when they arrive.
  5. Learn and Improve: Every mistake is a lesson, every experience an opportunity to grow.
  6. Keeps Getting Better: Constantly evolving, always reaching for the next peak.

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