CFO Insights: How To Steer Sustainability Performance With A Financial Agenda

CFO Insights: How To Steer Sustainability Performance With A Financial Agenda

Whether you’re running a small company, midsize firm, or global conglomerate, sustainability has a strong foothold in business strategies. Nearly two-thirds (60%) of finance organisations view environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives as a critical or high priority with a clear competitive advantage.1 For most businesses, the key benefits include reduced costs, increased productivity, and higher profitability.2

CFOs and finance leaders have great opportunity to connect sustainability performance and financial growth when rethinking the management of their corporate travel and expense(T&E). Whether it’s helping employees pick the most sustainable travel option, reducing paper from the process, or supporting advanced reporting, intelligent and cloud-based T&E solution can help dramatically improve sustainability scores.

In this CFO Insights, we explore how regional CFOs at SAP offices develop strategies to protect SAP financial position and improve sustainability performance. “Measuring financial and non-financial KPIs is critical for turning sustainability into a leading indicator into the overall health of the business” shared Gina McNamara, Chief Financial Officer of the Asia-Pacific region and Japan, SAP. “Finance teams can transparently communicate how well the business performs by benchmarking measuring and managing T&E data with a comprehensive and flexible foundation of technology processes, data, and talent.”

Download the paper to learn more best practices from SAP CFOs.

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