Three Ways to Mitigate Risks While Maximising Profitability

How to Turn Regulatory Changes into Moments of Certainty

While the government seek new ways to capture revenue from businesses, your finance and tax leaders are expected to control and manage tax compliance as efficiently and accurately as possible. More importantly, they must restructure their businesses to drive down the cost of supporting such a time-intensive, mission critical task.

For example, the adoption of hybrid work arrangements created new categories of work-from-home spending that may be considered taxable benefits and need to be included in payroll. The use of e-commerce and subscription-based models is increasing the volume of transactions that must be tracked and reported to calculate sales tax. Furthermore, increased interest in innovation projects presents an opportunity to write-off costs, but is often one of the most underreported. 

Fortunately, it is possible to turn these moments of uncertainty into moments of efficiency and confidence. With the right intelligence and tools, you can confirm tax compliance and protect budgets along the way – with less time, resources, and risks.

Read our guide to understand the three strategies you should consider to gain more control, mitigate risks, while maximising profitability.