How SAP Concur Solutions Equip Travel Managers to Manage All Their New Priorities

How SAP Concur can help Travel Managers

With an SAP Concur solution to manage travel or expense, travel managers have a tool that gives you insight into one aspect of employee spend.

But in today’s business travel landscape, you need more. When you connect travel and expense spend using Concur Travel, Concur Invoice and Concur Expense you have a single system that helps you meet all your new priorities.

This infographic shows you how connecting travel and expense spend with SAP Concur solutions can help you meet all your new priorities so you can navigate today’s business travel landscape with confidence.

  • Track spending wherever it occurs, identify trends and cut costs because all your spending is all in one place.

  • Promote sustainability and track sustainability targets with intuitive, data-rich travel tools.

  • Meet duty of care requirements when it matters most with accurate, near real-time data to keep connected with your workforce wherever they are in the world.

Download the infographic now.