Three Ways Technology Can Help Reform The Public Sector

Three major benefits modern expense management solutions

Did you know that modern data-driven spend management solutions can help the financially squeezed public sector save significant budget? Ensuring claims are compliant, employee-friendly and green having the right solution in place is more important than ever.

All areas of the public sector continue to see their budgets come under pressure from a range of ongoing issues.

The impacts are real:

• Local councils have been forced to freeze flagship “levelling-up” projects
• Public-sector pay has dropped 4.3% in real terms
• Government borrowing has soared to a 30-year high

However, low-hanging fruit still exists in the public sector’s perennial hunt for value and efficiencies:

• Management of budgets can help organisations understand where their money is being spent
• Real-time reporting of employee expenses can be a simple and effective way to kick-start spend management
• Switching antiquated spend/expense management solutions for a modern data-driven equivalent, triggers transformation within your organisation on multiple fronts:

– Helping you ensure compliance and protect against fraud
– Improving user experience
– Starting your carbon reduction programme
– Achieving a complete view of spend no matter where it takes place

Find out how SAP Concur offers the data-driven insights needed to transform the sector’s antiquated expense/spend management process.