Using SAP Concur Solutions to Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs and Future-Proof Employee Spend Management

SAP Concur Solutions Helps IT Managers

Digital transformation is top of mind for most CIOs. But when you only manage travel or expense spend using an SAP Concur solution, you aren’t making the most of the opportunities to modernise processes and improve efficiency.

This infographic shows you how connecting travel and expense spend using Concur Travel, Concur Invoice and Concur Expense helps you unlock a wealth of advantages. 

  • A suite of cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that scale with you, so you future-proof operations.

  • Industry-leading tools that are audited regularly for compliance with global standards of security and service management, so information security is assured

  • Streamlined operations and efficient processes that reduce manual data entry and remove duplicated effort, helping you drive measurable transformation across the business.

And because employees are already familiar with the way the interface works and you get dedicated implementation and training support, you secure the advantages without the pain typically associated with rolling out a new system.

Download the infographic now.