New Finance Leader Checklist: 30-60-90-Day Action Plan

A group of employees smiling and looking happy

Your first 90 days as a finance leader will likely be a whirlwind. Taking time to create a plan and map the steps to achieve it can help you stay on track and measure your progress during this busy time.

To get started, here’s a new finance leader checklist to structure your plan in more detail. The checklist will help you plot your steps to success over the coming months.

Beginning with information gathering and learning in month one, you’ll get tips on who to meet with, how often, and where to focus your conversations.

As you enter your second month, you’re probably establishing informed opinions on what you’ve been learning about the company, its people, and your role. You’ll start to identify opportunities for improvement that can maximise your impact and make a lasting difference for the business.

In your third month, you should be starting to hit your stride in your daily work and establish a certain level of trust with your colleagues. This is a great month to focus on finding solutions to challenges. It’s also time to finalise your ideas on the business and develop an initial plan of actions you want to take.

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