2023 Global Travel Managers Report

travel manager looking at data on computer screen

Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and rising prices, travel managers are asked to contain costs while continuing to respond to the needs and preferences of their business travellers.  

  • 47% describe their jobs as more stressful now than last year, nearly all travel managers (99%) expect their jobs to be even more challenging in the next 12 months.  

While employees remain eager to travel and view it as essential for their careers, they’re also acutely aware of the many threats business travel can pose and feel a responsibility to ensure their travel aligns with the social, environmental, and sustainable business travel considerations they value.  

  • Nearly all travel managers (98%) anticipate company travel policy updates in the coming months, with better support for travellers being the most common reason for change.  

Travel managers are also operating under growing pressure for transparency as they face evolving industry regulations and increasing demand from both internal and external sources to minimise the environmental impact of their corporate travel.  

  • The overwhelming majority (98%) point to the need for updated data and analytics capabilities to help them execute their day-to-day responsibilities, tools that would make a major difference in easing their stress.  

In partnership with Wakefield Research, SAP Concur surveyed 700 travel managers across 7 global markets, to gain insight into the current state of business travel and what the next year will bring for those who lead business travel programmes.  

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