AMI-Partners Report: Why Financial Decision Makers (FDMs) Need to Focus on the Employee Experience

Financial decision makers (FDMs) understand the negative impact unmotivated employees can have on company performance and the cost of replacing skilled staff. These challenges can hurt a firm’s bottom line, which is why FDMs need to take action to mitigate them by focusing on the employee experience.

Increased employee satisfaction can result in higher engagement, increased productivity, and lower turnover. It is also tied to a better customer experience. Your employees are often at the front line of customer interaction and it’s difficult to keep customers happy if your staff is disengaged. FDMs can impact employee satisfaction by implementing automated travel and expense (T&E) and supplier invoice management solutions.

In a study of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), AMI –Partners found that increasing employee satisfaction was among the top challenges cited by SMBs*. These firms often face budgetary constraints and are operating in an economy where unemployment rates are near historical lows, resulting in strong competition for top talent. 

This report will present findings at the worldwide level and later focus on UK. The data highlights why FDMs should place a greater focus on the employee experience and how automating or optimising T&E and invoice management solutions can help you to enhance the employee experience and by extension boost your company's bottom line.

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