Extending Your Spend Management to New Countries


A guide to expansion best practice 

The business landscape is increasingly global, including the way we interact with customers and supply chains – and even employees in our own organisation – all over the world. Whether you're looking to expand your travel and expense programme globally to new office locations, or are already global and looking to streamline your travel and expense management (T&E) process to make it more scalable, there are many benefits to thinking holistically about your T&E solution on a global level.

Is your organisation prepared with the right policies, systems, connected data, ability to monitor costs and support infrastructure to enable change? From the variance in global regulations, to tax laws, language support and duty of care obligations for your employees and business travellers, when businesses make the decision to go global, everything gets more complex.

In this report, we will examine some of the key challenges that come from the evolution of the global business landscape, discuss some of the benefits of a holistic global solution for T&E management and give you some best practices for a successful global T&E management programme that can grow with you.