Duty of Care

5 Reasons SAP Concur is Right Choice for Travel

Naomi Hamlin |

Evolving channels for delivering airline content. A heightening need to provide duty of care. A growing desire from business travellers and companies alike for sustainable options. Amid much change, travel programmes -– and the technology powering them – must be able to adjust to shifting business conditions and priorities.

So while a business might not know exactly what change will look like, it can prepare. Our new eBook, 5 Reasons for More Travel Confidence, explores how our solutions and services provide cohesion and flexibility for travel programmes that have often left users frustrated and suffered from data and programme visibility challenges.

Why to Travel with SAP Concur

Read the eBook for more on how intelligent, integrated solutions can overcome a company’s travel challenges and prepare it for change.

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One Connected Platform

A single system – as 78% of financial decision-makers prefer for travel and expense1 – allows you to track multi-channel travel bookings, capture receipts, improve compliance, and make expense data more visible. With SAP® Concur®, business travellers and their trips and itineraries are connected, allowing you to ensure their health and safety and the company’s duty of care. Extended solutions deliver carbon tracking and reporting, cover mileage and meeting spend, and provide consultative reporting guidance to track ROI. With everything in one place, productivity rises and the user experience improves.

A Platform Adjustable to You and Travel

Budgets rise and fall, and business travel usually goes with them. As travel content changes, our platform can change and scale with it. Businesses can have multiple global distribution system and travel management company partners, and all are manageable through a single solution. And it can apply one clear, adjustable travel policy across your business while accommodating each user’s preferences.

AI is Part of the Solutions

Building on a decade of learning, refining, and building accuracy with artificial intelligence and machine learning, SAP Concur is putting the technology to work across travel and expense solutions. Increasingly, generative AI will be used to deliver a personalised experience, efficiencies, and compliance. Leaders will gain in-the-moment insights to make better decisions, while travelers gain information and guidance to travel and do their jobs. And your company can innovate along with us.

Content Changes Welcome

New airline content provides a host of options but can complicate the control your travel require requires. TripIt® Pro provides direct connections to suppliers, allowing you to capture outside bookings and retain visibility and compliance. Concur® TripLink gathers itineraries and other trip details in one place, keeping business travellers and the company informed. In addition, the Concur Select Access feature links to select airlines and enables a wide range of content and consistent user experience while supporting your polices and negotiated rates.

Sustainable Choices

Business travellers and their companies want their trips to be as sustainable as possible, with 60% of decision-makers terming it a critical or high priority.2 Our solutions give travel managers tools and metrics to meet greener goals. Sustainable options and environment-friendly partners are highlighted during bookings, guiding business travellers to the choices they seek. Businesses can set policy parameters – for distance, location, plane vs. train, even type of aircraft – to accomplish those goals. And targeted applications from our partners can help you track and manage carbon budgets.

Together, a single integrated platform delivers the latest content, the advances of AI, sustainability options, and many other features that represent the evolution of Concur Travel. It’s an evolution designed to meet travel and business needs now and in a future. Get the eBook and learn how your company can be ready for change.


1. Empower the Future of Work With Intelligent Travel and Expense Solutions, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP Concur, May 2023

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