An invoice app for accounts payable

Submit and approve invoices on-the go with mobile-ready invoice management.

Speed up your supplier invoice process with the SAP Concur mobile app

Processing invoices quickly is important to your business. When the time between purchase decision and invoice processing is weeks or months, it can be difficult to have a clear view of cash flow and accurate bank account balances. An effective mobile invoice app can significantly reduce your processing time by:

  • Allowing team members to submit and approve invoices in the field, instead of just in accounting software in the office, so they’re less likely to delay or forget
  • Keeping your data secure
  • Protecting your resources with tools that scan for duplicate or fraudulent invoices

Improve invoice management

Speed up your supplier invoice processing

The Concur Invoice solution is accessible on a simple digital invoice app and desktop tool. Supplier invoices are checked automatically against purchase orders and receivables to ensure accuracy, eliminate duplications, and identify exceptions. Employees can use their mobile device to view exceptions, approve invoices, and improve processing time.

Processing invoices

Simplify invoice management with an easy invoice app

Ease the burden of invoice processing with invoice management on the go. With an easy-to-use invoice app for iPhone, Android and other devices, employees can view, approve, and track invoices from the field, while travelling, or in the home office. Invoices are handled quickly with the SAP Concur mobile app so your team has more time for other tasks.

Secure access to your data, anywhere you need it

One of the greatest concerns for AP departments is security, which is why many professionals are wary of services that process business invoices online. You need an invoice solution that’s built with world-class security and encryption. Personal data and credit card details are never stored on the SAP Concur mobile app, and missing or stolen devices can be remotely wiped.

Mobile security

An invoice solution with a clear view of your spend

When invoices are processed faster and errors are reduced, your visibility into cash flow improves for more strategic spending decisions. Digital invoices, combined with your travel and expense data, provide a 360-degree view of all spend for more intelligent forecasting and analytics.

Improve cash flow forecasting

Are you throwing away money on duplicate and fraudulent invoices?

Whether you’re a small business owner or a medium-sized business manager, it’s likely you process hundreds of invoices each month. Large corporations may process thousands. Tracking and verifying all those invoices is a tremendous task for busy AP departments, and sometimes duplicate invoices slip through.

A study conducted by SAP Concur into 500 UK businesses showed that:

  • 34% of businesses cited duplicate invoices as a real worry.
  • A third are aware of paying duplicate invoices, rising to 59% for businesses with employees between 1,000 and 2,999.
  • Most of the time invoices do not go to a centralised area of the business.

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Low levels of concern hint at an attitude of ‘it won’t happen to us’, but invoicing remains a largely manual process that people won’t always get right.”

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3 tips for building an invoice policy that’s easy to follow

When designing invoicing systems for small businesses, medium-sized organisations, or even enterprises, the usability of that system must be built for end users. Whether employees are creating and sending invoices for business, customising an invoice template, or processing invoices from suppliers, it pays to keep procedures simple. People will be more likely to perform them correctly, saving AP staff hours of tracking down missing information and ensuring suppliers get paid faster. How can you make your invoice policy employee-friendly?

  1. Keep it simple: Cover the basics without getting lost in time-wasting details.
  2. Make the case: Emphasize the benefits of following the policy.
  3. Go mobile: Provide the tools your employees need to tackle AP tasks when it’s convenient.

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Managing vendor invoices and other payment request documentation is not just about the paper.”