Outsource It: Reduce Piles of Paper Receipts

Business Receipts

The piles of receipts that come back to the office with your employees expenses could leave you wondering how best to manage them. Do you scan them in? Do you need to check them against the claim? Where do you store them for the next seven years?

Our Receipt Handling Solution can help. Send us your receipts and we will enter the data, cross-check it against your policy, ensure that all VAT relevant information is captured, and then store your receipts for seven years, which is in line with HMRC requirements.

Manage Your Receipts with Paper Receipt Handling from Concur

Our Paper Receipt Handling service is designed to make expense management and compliance easier. Using our service, claimants send receipts in a pre-paid envelope and we scan the receipts to:

  • Reduce your internal workload
  • Ensure receipt data is accurately captured to maximise VAT reclaim
  • Remove the need for you to store your receipts

This service can also be used together with our Expense Report Auditing service to give you insight into compliance, as this service checks receipts against your policy.

Improve Your Document Management Process

Storing receipts can be a real issue, especially when office space is tight. Locating the receipts and claims when HMRC want to see them can be difficult too - especially if they have been archived and stored off-site.

Our service gives you the option to store your receipts with us so your back-office staff don't have to find storage space for them. We will even dig them out for you when HMRC perform their checks. It also increases the security and management of these important records, in line with HMRC storage requirements.