Aberdeen Checklist: 7 Steps to Optimise Expense and Invoice Management

Best-in-Class companies are 72% faster than All Others in approving expense reports as they continue to focus on their digital processes.

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for businesses to digitally transform their operations — as such, companies are reevaluating their company spend management to help face unprecedented challenges. Based on a recent expense and invoice management survey, Aberdeen found that top companies are automating time-consuming manual processes, improving total spend visibility, and integrating new technologies to improve flexibility. 

These Best-in-Class companies are seeing a significant increase in efficiency and employee productivity, which has enabled them to be more resilient during the current economic downturn. 

Learn from Best-in-Class companies to help with your business continuity and resiliency planning. 

Download this quick checklist to see the 7 steps to optimise operations in expense and invoice management, including: 

  • Eliminating manual workflows and approvals to shorten processing times
  • Automating mileage capture to eliminate mistakes, potential fraud, and time-consuming manual tasks
  • Using mobile apps for receipt capture, remote expense report submissions / approvals, and invoice approvals
  • Integrating applications across the expense and invoice management process for an end-to-end spend process 

Compare your business against all 7 steps by downloading the Aberdeen 7 Steps to Optimize Expense and Invoice Management Operations checklist.