Frequently Asked Questions on Managing Travel, Expenses and Invoices

Working in finance, you’ve probably had a question or two along the way you needed fast answers to. In this eBook, we’ve pulled together the answers to all the most frequently asked questions we hear from finance professionals like you.

The guide covers FAQs about managing expenses and invoices, as well as how an automated process might work in your business. It’s your handy guide to all the spend questions you wanted to ask.

Click between sections to find answers to questions like:

· What should an expense claim include and what is a T&E policy?

· What can I reclaim VAT on and how can I ensure HMRC compliance?

· Should we use Purchase Orders for invoices?

· Can I reclaim VAT on invoices and how does invoice capture work?

· Which finance systems and partners do you integrate with?

· How do I reclaim the VAT on mileage? 

We’ve provided links to further information where it’s needed. And if in doubt, don't hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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