Take control of your organisation's travel expenses

Give your organisation unprecedented visibility into T&E spending for improved convenience, control, planning and compliance.

Get a single view of all travel, expense and invoice-related spend.

SAP Concur makes it simple to automatically connect spend data from almost any source - from corporate credit card accounts to online travel sites and service providers - back to your core SAP Concur solution.

  • Use real-time spending insights to make faster, better-informed business decisions
  • Take the guesswork out of T&E planning, forecasting, and budgeting
  • Flag and fix compliance issues before they cause problems
  • Cut out wasteful, error-prone manual data entry

SAP Concur integrated solutions: the right fit for every organisation.

SAP Concur offers additional cloud-based services that integrate seamlessly with our core solutions and with each other-without adding unwanted cost and complexity.

Automate and integrate accounts payable.

Automate the entire invoice management process with Concur Invoice, which integrates invoice and T&E payments into a single system for tracking all your company’s spending.

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Use actionable data to make better decisions.

Gain a single, clear view of all spending including travel, ERP, invoice and corporate card data using Concur Intelligence. Enjoy proactive insight to control spending and drive effective decision-making.

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Guide company spending before it happens.

Call upon Concur Request to automate spend requests and approvals for travel and everyday expenses, giving your entire team the visibility to make strategic decisions about spending before it happens.

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Capture every transaction.

SAP Concur help you capture all card purchases to easily reconcile transactions and support compliance with a full audit trail. By reviewing your spending data, it's easier to spot areas of non-compliance.

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Effortlessly manage cash flow.

Achieve a consolidated view into when and where payments are being made with Expense Pay, so you can control cash flow and no longer worry about late, missing or duplicate payments.

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SAP Concur brings clarity and simplicity to Hoyer Petrolog UK Ltd's expense management. The UK operation of a global logistics leader employs specialists to manage non-core IT functions. Embracing Concur Travel and Expense creates a more efficient, traceable and user-friendly approach to expenses.

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